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How the plugin handles different languages.

Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is no longer supported. Please use our API client guide instead.
Please note that if you already have the plugin set up and are satisfied with your current integration, you can keep using the plugin forever, knowing that it won’t be supported. It will still work as is, in its current state, on your website.
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For now, the plugin is only shipped in English. This does not mean that you can not use the plugin for your WordPress website which is in another language.

Indeed, the Algolia search engine is language-agnostic: both alphabet-based and symbol-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean are supported.

What it means though is that the WordPress admin user interface of the plugin is in English for now. We implemented internationalization (I18n) by following WordPress principles found here.

We are open for contributions if you want to share the translation for a given language. You can read more about contributing here.