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Filters Reference

The available filters and how to use them to customize the behaviour.

Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is no longer supported. Please use our API client guide instead.
Please note that if you already have the plugin set up and are satisfied with your current integration, you can keep using the plugin forever, knowing that it won’t be supported. It will still work as is, in its current state, on your website.
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Filters are a way to alter data during the lifecycle of a request. The idea is simple: you listen for a filter to be called by using add_filter, you edit your data and return it modified.

Filter Example

The plugin has a blacklist mechanism to not display certain post types in the admin UI. By default, we disabled the following post types to appear:

  • nav_menu_item
  • revision
  • algolia_task
  • algolia_log
  • kr_request_token
  • kr_access_token
  • deprecated_log
  • async-scan-result
  • scanresult

Let's say that you have a your plugin introducing some custom content types, but these are meant to be used internally and you don't want to expose them for indexing.


function mb_blacklist_custom_post_type( array $blacklist ) {
    $blacklist[] = 'custom_post_type';

    return $blacklist;

add_filter( 'algolia_post_types_blacklist', 'mb_blacklist_custom_post_type' );

Your custom_post_type will no longer appear for indexing in the indexing screen. This will also disable tasks being generated for that content type.

Filters Reference

Here is the list of all available Filters.

Filter Name Params
algolia_autocomplete_config $config
algolia_autocomplete_input_selector string $input_selector, defaults to "input[name='s']:not('.no-autocomplete')"
algolia_post_types_blacklist array $blacklist, defaults to array( 'nav_menu_item', revision' )
algolia_taxonomies_blacklist array $blacklist, defaults to array( 'nav_menu', link_category', 'post_format' )
algolia_should_index_searchable_post bool $should_index, WP_Post $post
algolia_searchable_post_{$post_type}_shared_attributes array $shared_attributes, WP_Post $post
algolia_searchable_posts_index_settings array $settings
algolia_searchable_post_shared_attributes array $shared_attributes, WP_Post $post
algolia_searchable_post_content string $content
algolia_searchable_posts_index_synonyms array $synonyms
algolia_should_force_settings_update bool $should_force_update (default: false), string $index_id
algolia_should_index_post bool $should_index, WP_Post $post
algolia_post_shared_attributes array $shared_attributes, WP_Post $post
algolia_post_{$post_type}_shared_attributes array $shared_attributes, WP_Post $post
algolia_post_content string $content
algolia_post_records array $records, WP_Post $post
algolia_post_{$post_type}_records array $records, WP_Post
algolia_posts_index_settings array $settings, string $post_type
algolia_posts_{$post_type}_index_settings array $settings
algolia_posts_index_synonyms array $synonyms, string $post_type
algolia_posts_{$post_type}_index_synonyms array $synonyms
algolia_should_index_term bool $should_index, WP_Term/object $term
algolia_term_record array $record, WP_Term/object$term
algolia_term_{$taxonomy}_record array $record, WP_Term/object $term
algolia_terms_index_settings array $settings
algolia_terms_{$taxonomy}_index_settings array $settings
algolia_terms_index_synonyms array $synonyms, string $taxonomy
algolia_terms_{$taxonomy}_index_synonyms array $synonyms
algolia_should_index_user bool $should_index, WP_User $user
algolia_user_record array $record, WP_User $user
algolia_users_index_settings array $settings
algolia_users_index_synonyms array $synonyms
algolia_index_replicas array $replicas, Algolia_Index $index
algolia_{$index_id}_index_replicas array $replicas, Algolia_Index $index
algolia_config array $config
algolia_indexing_batch_size int $batch_size (default: 100)
algolia_{$index_id}_indexing_batch_size int $batch_size
algolia_templates_path string $path (default: 'algolia/')
algolia_template_locations array $locations
algolia_default_template string $template, string $file
algolia_search_params array $params
algolia_search_order_by string $attribute_name
algolia_search_order string $order
algolia_should_override_search_with_instantsearch bool $bool (default: depending on configuration)
algolia_post_images_sizes array $sizes (default: only the 'thumbnail' size)
algolia_get_post_images array $images (default: only the info about the 'thumbnail' size)
algolia_get_synced_indices_ids array $ids
algolia_strip_patterns array $noise_patterns (default: regular expressions to strip comments, cdata, script, style, code, and pre)
algolia_searchable_post_types array $post_types
algolia_native_search_index_id string $index_id
algolia_should_require_search_client bool $bool, (default: true, loads the included Algolia search client library)