Plugin for WordPress

The basics for extending Algolia Search for WordPress

Discover the best way to extend the plugin to customize the behaviour.

Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is no longer supported. Please use our API client guide instead.
Please note that if you already have the plugin set up and are satisfied with your current integration, you can keep using the plugin forever, knowing that it won’t be supported. It will still work as is, in its current state, on your website.
If you want to know more, click here.

How To Extend

The plugin has been built with extensibility in mind. We have tried to wisely provide filters and actions but also constants.

You should never modify files inside the wp-content/plugins directory. If you find yourself in a situation where you require to hack the plugin, let us know so that we can improve the plugin.

Create your Custom Plugin

Your first step is to create your own plugin. You can find detailed explanation on how to create a WordPress plugin here.

You can also simply create a file my-blog.php like this:

Plugin Name: My Blog

Then you should be able to enable that plugin from your WordPress admin panel.

You can now hook into the Algolia Search for WordPress plugin!

Extend from a theme

Every theme contains a functions.php file where you can also extend the Algolia Search plugin.

If you choose to use your theme files to extend the plugin, please consider creating a child theme so that you can update your theme without losing your changes.

You can read more about child themes in the official documentation.