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You are a user, a developer, a designer or a translator? The Algolia community needs you!

Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is no longer supported. Please use our API client guide instead.
Please note that if you already have the plugin set up and are satisfied with your current integration, you can keep using the plugin forever, knowing that it won’t be supported. It will still work as is, in its current state, on your website.
If you want to know more, click here.


At Algolia, we open source most of our projects because we believe that this helps us better understand our users.

We really value the feedback we get, so whatever your skills are, please drop us a line!

We also send some love to our contributors from time to time, so be warned!

Feature Request & Bug Report

The source code of the plugin is available on github here:

Feel free to open an issue for any Feature Request or Bug Report.

Ensure you have read the common questions & answers before posting.

Missing Translations

The plugin is not translated in your language?

You can grab the .pot file here:

If you are able, send us a Pull Request, otherwise send us the translations by email at

Theme Authors

You are a WordPress agency and would like to make your theme compliant with our plugin?

First of all, by default our plugin will work out of the box with any theme. Read this for further explanation.

If you would like to offer a customized search experience that fits in your theme branding guidelines, please see how to customize templates.