Dear Algolia X Wordpress users

After discussing with a lot of you, we've realized that our Wordpress plugin, while being easy to implement and use, did not provide the room for customization necessary to build satisfying, advanced search and discovery experiences on Wordpress websites.

That's why we have decided to double down on our new PHP API client instead. We created comprehensive documentation to guide you to index your Wordpress content, optimize your relevance, and build state-of-the art front end experiences relying on the API client.

We believe this approach is the most robust, satisfying and future-proof way to build great experiences for Wordpress websites. We will therefore stop supporting our Wordpress plugin following this timeline:

Please note that if you already have the plugin set up and are satisfied with your current integration, you can keep using the plugin forever, knowing that it won't be supported according to the timeline above.

It will still work as is, in its current state, on your website. Happy coding,

The Algolia Team

Switch to the PHP API Client