Algolia Search for WordPress

Enhance your WordPress with a Search plugin that helps users find your best content


Out-of-the-box autocomplete

Serve up your latest posts, pages, tags and categories from a drop-down menu which displays relevant results even before your users finish typing their queries.

Combined Shape

Relevant search results, always and anywhere

Get your relevance game on point with the addition of features like typo-tolerance, custom ranking and a completely language agnostic search solution. In other words say goodbye to the fat-finger effect!

Intuitive and powerful configuration

Implement in just a few minutes, without a single line of code.

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Automatic Sync

Sync your docs on auto-pilot with our plug-in. Latest additions searchable in real-time.

Realtime Experience

Search results update as users type in realtime, helping users find exactly what they're looking for.


Optimize your content with valuable insights into user behaviour with the help of simple analytics.


Algolia is a leading on-site search SaaS

Join 2,000+ customers powering their search experience

What they say

Algolia's infra and features

Unparalleled speed
Seamless indexing
Typo tolerance
Smart highlighting
Instant faceting
99.99% SLA
First class hosting & security
Comprehensive analytics

Developer Friendly

Implement our plugin with just a few lines of code in order to build custom faceted search experiences, incorporate business metrics in your search results and even customize the data pushed to Algolia.

  • Easy to customize template
  • 30+ Action and filter hooks
  • Built in log to help debugging
  • Friction less plugin update
  • Thouroughly documented

Raise your voice

This plugin is open sourced on GitHub.


Algolia Search for WordPress brings you state of the art search without the setup hassle. Includes autocomplete, full control over look & feel, and relevance tuning.

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