Third-party libraries migration

Migrate our third-party libraries from jsDelivr CDN to Shopify Assets Management

The Algolia Plugin historically relies on the jsDelivr CDN to host all the third-party libraries files that the plugin needs.

In order to guarantee a better quality of service, we recently chose to migrate all these libraries assets from the jsDelivr CDN to Shopify, by using the Shopify Asset Management.

If you installed your Algolia plugin after Nov. the 8th, 2018, these assets are now stored directly through the Shopify CDN, no action is needed on your side.

However, if your installation is prior this date, we advise you to migrate from jsDelivr to Shopify.

Please note that this migration is not mandatory, however, we strongly recommend to use the Shopify CDN.

This migration can be done:

  • Automatically by using the plugin admin panel.
  • Manually, if you have a custom implementation.

Automatic migration from the Plugin Admin

The automatic migration consists in re-installing Algolia in your theme.

This will override our provided libraries and scripts with the last up-to-date versions.

⚠️ If you have changed or customized your theme based on the scripts provided by Algolia, please proceed with a manual migration, otherwise you will loose your changes.

In order to automatically update the Algolia dependencies of your theme, please go to your Algolia Plugin Admin and follow these steps:

  • Go to the "Display" tab.
  • Click on "Install to a new theme".

Plugin Display tab

  • Select the theme to update.
  • You will see a "Migration notice" explaining that the wizard will migrate the third-party assets for you.

Plugin Display tab migration notice

  • Click "Finish installation".

Manual migration

If your shop has a custom theme or relies on non-standard versions of some external libraries, then you will have to update manually your theme.

Please follow these steps:

Migrate libraries in theme <head>

  • Open the theme code editor

Theme editor

  • Then open the "Layout" → "theme.liquid" file

theme file

  • You will notice some asset with "" URLs
  • For each of them

    • open the given URL in your browser, and copy the content
    • then, in "Assets", click on "Add a new asset" and select "Create a blank file" (use the same file name as the opened file)

      copy past

    • Then paste the copied content in the newly created Asset
  • Once all assets created from the "" URLs, you will have to replace them with new URLs

    • You will have to replace from something like

      {{ '//' | script_tag }}


      {{ 'filename.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

    • "filename.js" is now the name of the newly created assets
    • ⚠️ Be sure to keep the same order for the files (the file order is really important)
  • Once all occurrences of "" URLs are replaced by Shopify Assets URLs, you can Save the file.

Migrate third-party webfonts

Our InstantSearch widget is using the Font-Awesome icon pack.

This icon pack is using custom webfont that are also hosted on jsDelivr.

In order to migrate them to Shopify CDN, please follow these steps:

Having an issue migrating your theme? Feel free to reach our support via mail: