Algolia Search for Shopify plugin installation.

Authorizing the application

Installing our application in your store is really easy.
Head to, enter your Shopify shop domain and click on Install.

You'll be prompted with an Authorization screen.

OAuth Screen

In order for our application to work properly, we need access to:

  • Your collections and products to index them
  • Your blog posts to index them
  • Your orders, to keep track of the inventory and popularity of products
  • Your themes, to install our front-end implementation

Linking the application to your Algolia account

Create or sign-in to your Algolia Account

The only requirement in order to install Algolia in your store is having an Algolia account.
If you don't have one already, head here to create one.

Algolia offers both 14-days Free trial and a Free plan.
For more information, see the pricing page

Credentials screenshot

In order to link the application you've just installed with your Algolia account, we'll need you to send us your Algolia credentials. You can find those in the Credentials tab of your Algolia account.

Copy Algolia Dashboard API-keys
Credentials screenshot
Paste in Algolia Shopify Plugin
Credentials screenshot

From that screen you will be able to copy/paste the following necessary fields from the Algolia dashboard to your application:

  • Application ID
  • Search-Only API Key
  • Admin API Key

You can change the indexes prefix if you want to install Algolia in multiple stores.

On error, you'll be prompted with an error message.

Invalid credentials

In that case, double-check that you copied the correct fields, you might have copied the Monitoring API key instead of the Admin one or that your account isn't blocked.

On success, you'll get redirected to the dashboard of the application.


The dashboard is the main page of the application. That's also where you'll be able to launch the installation of our front-end in one of your themes.

Installation button

The process should be straightfoward. However, if you're running a live store, we recommend you to duplicate your theme first.

Duplicating your theme

This will allow you to preview the changes, check if everything is working fine and tweak the CSS if needed before putting it live.

To create one, head to Online store > Themes > ... in the top right of the theme entry > Duplicate.

Duplicate theme illustration

This will take a bit of time, just wait for the loading wheel to stop spinning.

As soon as it is completed, you can go back to your app, reload the page and chose your new theme.

Once you're happy with every change you've done, you can simply head back to the Themes tab of your Store and click Publish theme.


With the indexing running and our code installed in your front-end, you'll now be able to start configuring the application.