Collection search page (beta)

Enable InstantSearch on your shop Collection pages

Algolia for Shopify also ships with the possibility of enhancing your current collection pages with realtime search capabilities.

"Collection search page", is the dedicated page listing products from a collection (normally under /collection/<collection-name> URL)

Notice: Not to be confused with Collection indexing, "Collection search page" feature is about using Instant Search on your store collections pages

Beta feature limitation

As explained in Indexing page, the "Collection search page" feature needs an advanced indexing process that is, for now, in beta.

In order to use this feature on your shop, you need to fulfill this condition:

  • Your shop must have less than 10 000 products

This limitation ensure that we provide the best indexing performance for all of our shops.

Algolia Pricing consideration

As explained in "Indexing - Products Collections Faceting", any modification on a collection will trigger a re-index of all products it contains.

Enabling this feature will increase the number of operations related to your Algolia account.

Please be sure that your plan is suitable for an increase of operations.


Two options needs to be activated in order to enable this feature:

  • enable products collections indexing
  • enable InstantSearch on Collection pages


First, go to your Shopify Plugin Admin "Indexing" tab, and check the "Enable faceting on collections" checkbox.


Enabling/Disabling this indexing feature will trigger a full-reindexing of your shop data.

Activate Instant Search widget on collection pages

Then, go to your "Search Options" and check the "Use InstantSearch on Collection Page" checkbox.



Since "Collection search page" is Instant Search on your collection pages, you will find all details about files related to this feature in the Instant Search page.