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React-InstantSearch makes it easy to design the perfect search experience using prepackaged search components or creating your own!

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InstantSearch components

Our search widgets feature slick design by default and benefit from our experience building thousands of search interfaces.

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Intuitive API

We crunched feedback from hundreds of users of instantsearch.js into building React InstantSearch API.

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const SearchBox =connectSearchBox(
  ({query, refine}) =>
    <div className="searchbox-container">
      <div className="input-group">
        <input type="text"
               onChange={e => refine(}

        <span className="input-group-btn">
          <button className="btn btn-default">
          <i className="fa fa-search"></i>

const RefinementListLinks = connectRefinementList(({items, refine, createURL}) => {
  const itemComponents = =>
    <div className={item.isRefined ? ' active' : ''} key={item.label}>
      <a className="item" href={createURL(item.value)} onClick={e => {
        <span> {item.label}</span>
        <span className="badge pull-right">{item.count}</span>
  • react-native
  • react-ui*
  • react-router

React-community ready

Connectors provide a way to plug any existing code or React library to React InstantSearch and Algolia.

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