Algolia Places

Turn any <input> into an address autocomplete

Fast, beautiful and easy-to-use address autocompletion

Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. It has been designed to improve the user experience of your HTML forms.

It harnesses OpenStreetMap’s impressive open source database of worldwide places.

One library, many possibilities

Delight your users by implementing a powerful addresses autocomplete in minutes.

Algolia places demo checkout v2 1 zwg57n

Autocomplete your forms

Simplify your checkout and users’ accounts by filling multiple inputs at the same time.

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Create the best city or country selector

Stop scrolling through a list to pick a country. Help your users find it faster.

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Algolia places demo country v2 gsn2qq
Algolia places demo map v2 tbsfvm

Link suggestions to a map

Visualize the results at a glance by displaying them on a real-time map.

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autocomplete.js & instantsearch.js ready

Build unique search experiences with the autocomplete.js & instantsearch.js plugins for Algolia Places.

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Hp demo autocompletejs
Illus feat autocomplete

Easy to use

A JavaScript one liner to turn any HTML <input> into fast & beautiful address auto-complete menus.

Illus feat relevance


Backed by Algolia's unique ranking algorithm, Algolia Places mixes intuitively relevant local and famous places.

Illus feat typo tolerance

Typo tolerant

Native support of typing mistakes thanks to the unique way Algolia handles typos and ranks results accordingly.

Illus feat rocket

Blazing fast

Deliver search results your users in milliseconds, no matter where they are. All queries are automatically routed to our closest server.