Getting started

For getting started you can watch our video where we will show you how to setup our Magento extension:

Or please follow those few steps to get started Algolia Search extension:

Create an Algolia account

  1. Create your Algolia accout. The sign-up wizard will guide you through Algolia’s onboarding process. Pay extra attention to choosing your Algolia datacenter. Select the one which is the closest to your datacenter.
  2. Once you are logged into dashboard, get your Algolia credentials from the “Credentials” left-menu.
Algolia's sign up form
Algolia's sign up form

Install the extension

There are two ways how to install the extension:

1) Modman

Install the extension via modman:

$ cd /path/to/your/magento/directory
$ modman init
$ modman clone

2) Magento Marketplace

Navigate to Magento Marketplace, get the extension and follow the instructions how to install it to your Magento.

Configure Algolia credentials

  1. In your Magento administration navigate to System > Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search administration panel.
  2. In Credentials & Setup tab configure your Algolia credentials.
Extension's basic information configurations

Initial indexing

Force the re-indexing of all sections you want to synchronize with Algolia. In your Magento administration navigate to System > Index Management. There hit Reindex Data button next to these indices:

  • Algolia Search Products
  • Algolia Search Categories
  • Algolia Search Pages
  • Algolia Search Suggestions
Magento store's indexers
Magento store's indexers

Congratulations! You just installed Algolia extension to your Magento store!