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The hitsPerPageSelector widget gives the user the ability to change the number of results displayed in the hits widget.

You can specify the default hits per page using a boolean in the items[] array. If none is specified, this first hits per page option will be picked.

Live example

You can find an example at the end of the page or a live example in our widget showcase.


const search = instantsearch( /* parameters */ );

const widget = instantsearch.widgets.hitsPerPageSelector({ container: string|HTMLElement, items: Array<HitsPerPageSelectorItems>, autoHideContainer: [boolean], cssClasses: [HitsPerPageSelectorCSSClasses], transformItems: [(Array<object>) => Array<object>], }: HitsPerPageSelectorWidgetOptions);



  • containerstring|HTMLElement

    CSS Selector or HTMLElement to insert the widget.

  • itemsArray<HitsPerPageSelectorItems>

    Array of objects defining the different values and labels.

  • autoHideContainer[boolean]
    Default value: false

    Hide the container when no results match.

  • cssClasses[HitsPerPageSelectorCSSClasses]

    CSS classes to be added.

  • transformItems[(Array<object>) => Array<object>]

    Function to transform the items passed to the templates.


  • valuenumber

    number of hits to display per page.

  • labelstring

    Label to display in the option.

  • defaultboolean

    The default hits per page on first search.


  • root[string|Array<string>]

    CSS classes added to the outer <div>.

  • select[string|Array<string>]

    CSS classes added to the parent <select>.

  • item[string|Array<string>]

    CSS classes added to each <option>.


  • render[function]

    Called after each search response has been received

  • getConfiguration[function]

    Let the widget update the configuration of the search with new parameters

  • init[function]

    Called once before the first search


    container: '#hits-per-page-selector',
    items: [
      {value: 3, label: '3 per page', default: true},
      {value: 6, label: '6 per page'},
      {value: 12, label: '12 per page'},

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