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The analytics widget pushes the current state of the search to the analytics platform of your choice. It requires the implementation of a function that will push the data.

This is a headless widget, which means that it does not have a rendered output in the UI.

Live example

You can find an example at the end of the page or a live example in our widget showcase.


const search = instantsearch( /* parameters */ );

const widget = instantsearch.widgets.analytics({ pushFunction: (qs, state, results) => undefined, delay: [number], triggerOnUIInteraction: [boolean], pushInitialSearch: [boolean], pushPagination: [boolean], }: AnalyticsWidgetOptions);



  • pushFunction(qs, state, results) => undefined

    Function called when data are ready to be pushed. It should push the data to your analytics platform. The qs parameter contains the parameters serialized as a query string. The state contains the whole search state, and the results the last results received.

  • delay[number]
    Default value: 3000

    Number of milliseconds between last search key stroke and calling pushFunction.

  • triggerOnUIInteraction[boolean]
    Default value: false

    Trigger pushFunction after click on page or redirecting the page

  • pushInitialSearch[boolean]
    Default value: true

    Trigger pushFunction after the initial search

  • pushPagination[boolean]
    Default value: false

    Trigger pushFunction on pagination


  • render[function]

    Called after each search response has been received

  • getConfiguration[function]

    Let the widget update the configuration of the search with new parameters

  • init[function]

    Called once before the first search


    pushFunction: function(formattedParameters, state, results) {
      // Google Analytics
      // window.ga('set', 'page', window.location.pathname + window.location.search);
      // window.ga('send', 'pageView');

      // GTM
      // dataLayer.push({'event': 'search', 'Search Query': state.query, 'Facet Parameters': formattedParameters, 'Number of Hits': results.nbHits});

      // Segment.io
      // analytics.page( '[SEGMENT] instantsearch', { path: '/instantsearch/?query=' + state.query + '&' + formattedParameters });

      // Kissmetrics
      // var objParams = JSON.parse('{"' + decodeURI(formattedParameters.replace(/&/g, "\",\"").replace(/=/g,"\":\"")) + '"}');
      // var arrParams = $.map(objParams, function(value, index) {
      //   return [value];
      // });
      // _kmq.push(['record', '[KM] Viewed Result page', {
      //   'Query': state.query ,
      //   'Number of Hits': results.nbHits,
      //   'Search Params': arrParams
      // }]);

      // any other analytics service

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