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A library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia's Hosted Search API.

There’s a widget for that

Pick from an extensive library of widgets to power your search
and build a state-of-the-art instant-search experience.


More than widgets

Your code is easy to write and maintain. instantsearch.js provides the glue between the different parts of your search page. Everything is packaged in one library.


Infinite possibilities

Every website is different. The modular design of instantsearch.js allows you to configure, rearrange and combine the widgets to build your own experience.


Bring your own widget

Sometimes you want to build a custom feature. You can do that by forking a pre-built widget or coding your own.

Custom Widget

Custom widgets

Create and customize your own widgets.


Search UX done right

Algolia strives to build the best search experience for the end users. All of the best practices we learned while implementing search on hundreds of websites are now packed into our widgets.


Always improving

The instant-search experience is already deployed on hundreds of websites. We inject all the feedback we get and our collective experience back into the widgets.

Get inspired. We created multiple examples using instantsearch.js