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Leverage Algolia’s Out of the Box Search on Android

Algolia is a leading provider of hosted search delivering a full-featured autocomplete menu with realtime results from the first keystroke.

Built for mobile from the ground up

Widgets and Helpers give you the API & UX tools to easily integrate a powerful search in any Android App

Build beautiful search on Android easily

InstantSearch for Android brings you pre-built UI widgets and components so you can easily build serverless search.

  • Fully customizable search results page
  • Intuitive UI Components
  • Complete Documentation

All of the best practices we learned while implementing search on hundreds of websites are now packed into our widgets

Intuitive API

Algolia's API and documentation are crafted and cared for by developers who spend all day thinking about search

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  algolia:queryHint="Search for a Product"/>

// Simple initialization of your search interface
helper = new InstantSearch(this, new Searcher(ALGOLIA_APP_ID, ALGOLIA_API_KEY, ALGOLIA_INDEX_NAME)
// Easily set custom query-time parameters
.setQuery(new Query().setHitsPerPage(10).setAttributesToRetrieve("title")));

// Various useful out-of-the-box features
helper.enableProgressBar(); // progress indicators
searcher.loadMore(); // infinite scroll with programmatic control

// Search lifecycle events to which you can react


Synonyms and Typo Tolerance

Native support for typing mistakes and synonyms so users can always find the most relevant results

Lightning Fast Results

Deliver instant results with a search bar and autocomplete that update with every keystroke.

Worldwide Hosting

All queries are automatically routed to our closest server so results are fast no matter where users are.


Easily search addresses and show locations on a map that updates in real-time.

Algolia Offline

Take your app experience offline in low- and zero-connectivity scenarios by leveraging Algolia Offline.

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Example Apps

Modular Widgets

Build and personalize your search experience with a library of powerful widgets

  • SearchBox

  • Hits

  • RefinementList

  • Stats

  • Custom widgets

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