What is DocSearch?


DocSearch is born out of the need to scratch our own itch. As developers, we spent a lot of time reading documentation, and it can be hard to find relevant information in large documentations. We're not blaming anyone here; building a good search is a challenge.

It happens that we are a search company and we actually have a lot of experience building search interfaces. We wanted to use those skills to help others. That's why we created a way to automatically extract content from tech documentation and make it available to everyone from the first keystroke.

Quick description

DocSearch itself is made of a crawler and a frontend library. We run the crawler on our end every 24h to extract content from your website and push it to an Algolia index. You'll then have to add the frontend library to your website to redirect all the search requests to this index.

How to feature DocSearch?

DocSearch is entirely free and automated. The one thing we'll need from you is to read our checklist and apply! After that, we'll share with you the JavaScript snippet needed to add DocSearch to your website. We ask that you keep the "powered by Algolia" link displayed.

DocSearch is one of our ways to give back to the open source community for everything it did for us already.