Scraper Overview


The DocSearch scraper is written in python and heavily based on the Scrapy framework. It will go through all pages of your website and extract content from the HTML structure to populate an Algolia index.

It will automatically follow every internal link to make sure we are not missing any content, and will use the semantics of your HTML structure to construct its records. This means that h1,h2, etc., (selectors) titles will be used for the hierarchy, and each p of text will be used as a potential result.

Those CSS selectors can be overwritten, and each website actually has its own JSON configuration file that describes in more detail how the scraper should behave. You can find the complete list of options in the related section.


We automatically run each config every 24h. This is done from our own infrastructure, meaning that you don't need to install anything on your side. We run this service entirely free of charge, but we're asking that you keep the "powered by Algolia" logo next to the search results.

That being said, if you'd like to run DocSearch on your own, all the code is open source and even packaged as a Docker image. Download it, and run it with your own credentials.