API Client

  • Describes all parameters of a search query.

    There are two ways to access parameters:

    1. Using the high-level, typed properties for individual parameters (recommended).
    2. Using the low-level, untyped accessors parameter(withName:) and setParameter(withName:to:) or (better) the subscript operator. Use this approach if the parameter you wish to set is not supported by this class.


    All parameters are optional. When a parameter is nil, the API applies a default value.
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    open class Query : AbstractQuery
  • Iterator to browse all index content.

    This helper takes care of chaining API requests and calling back the completion handler with the results, until:

    • the end of the index has been reached;
    • an error has been encountered;
    • or the user cancelled the iteration.
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    public class BrowseIterator : NSObject