Happy April Fools! It was all a joke. Take a peek behind the curtain to see how it was built.


CSS API Client

The power of Algolia distilled into a single .css file

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Algolia + CSS = 😍

CSS is the most stable and powerful language of our era. It works across all browsers and it even works offline. As a company that seeks to be accessible to all developers no matter their stack, Algolia is proud to be the first API company to release a pure CSS API Client.

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Take a test spin of what is possible with a pure CSS search experience by searching through the team members of Algolia by name or title.

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The power of Algolia, the flexibility of CSS

It even works offline!

Offline mode

Imagine an API Client that doesn't need to make API calls. As long as you've downloaded the initial CSS file, you can search even without an internet connection. That's what we call Offline Search!

Get rid of JavaScript altogether

No JavaScript needed

Stop wasting time wondering if you should put your CSS inside your JS or in a separate file. CSS is so powerful that you won't be needing JavaScript anymore. That's right, we decided to get rid of JavaScript altogether.

Look ma! I have flexbox!


What would CSS be without flexbox? Flexbox is the best thing that happened to the web since the blink tag. With it you can solve one of the most complex tech challenges: vertically centering any element! With such power, building a search engine was a breeze.

Beta tester feedback is unanimous

Quotes used with permission

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What was I thinking putting CSS in JS? I see now that building pure-CSS apps is the future!

Christopher's avatar Christopher Chedeau - Facebook
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The only thing better than a static website is a static search engine.

Vitaly's avatar Vitaly Friedman - SmashingMagazine
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Javascript is dead.

Chris's avatar Chris Coyier - CSS-Tricks
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This is the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

Christophe's avatar Christophe Porteneuve - Delicious Insights
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With Algolia, we can finally deliver an entire search experience inside of your inbox.

Nicolas's avatar Nicolas Garnier - Mailjet
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1993-2017: The Era of JavaScript is Over.

Sacha's avatar Sacha Greif - State Of Javascript
You read that far?


Our CSS API Client is not a real project, but our 2017 April Fools.

We do know how to do fast, scalable and relevant search, though.

Why don't you give us a try?

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